Friday, 10 March 2017

Madden NFL 17 Xbox One

Electronic Arts is well aware of the specific weight of the NFL license: it is no coincidence that he made false papers - and I've shelled out good money - to act under monopoly conditions.

Electronic Arts is well aware of the specific weight of the NFL license Being the only developer of a title dedicated to football and features the officially licensed NFL could have sat the team of programmers.
Fortunately for fans, though, EA Tiburon with an attitude not shared by many other teams that deal with sports videogames has always been busy to make each chapter of the saga something more than a mere statistical update and roster.

Especially in the last 4-5 seasons, in fact, the Madden gameplay has been greatly improved in each outing, succeeding very slowly to achieve an optimal mix of realism, balance and fun.

If the most revolutionary chapter in the saga was certainly Madden 15 (thanks to the disruption of the defensive system, in fact, even during non-possession had become extremely enjoyable), we must admit that, this year we've got the edition more complete and well-balanced of the EA title.

Though in recent years it ran too easily the risk of seeing excessive emphasis on more new changes, this year - although there are implementations anything but secondary - will be easy to see that no phase of the game will be considered 'privileged' or ' dominant'.

Microsoft has announced two new bundles Xbox One S, dedicated to Halo 5 Guardians and Madden NFL 17. The two packages are available for pre-order in Canada, North America, Australia and New Zealand, arriving in other territories has not been confirmed.

The bundle dedicated to Halo 5 includes a console with 500GB hard drive, a wireless controller, a copy of the game and a code to download Halo The Master Chief Collection, all for the price of $ 299. Richer instead the package dedicated to Madden NFL 17, available only in Canada and North America: this includes the console with 1 Terabyte hard drive, wireless controller, a copy of the game and seven bags of cards for Madden Ultimate Team Pro, everything priced at $ 349. Both bundles will be available from August 23, with regard to Europe, Microsoft announce shortly a selection of special packages for our continent.

NPD released data hardware and November relative to the US market software sales: after four months, PlayStation 4 stops the run of Xbox One, registering in fact the best Black Friday in the history of the PlayStation brand.
Just Black Friday has given a big boost to the sales of the console, particularly the PS4 Slim bundle with Uncharted 4 End of a Thief represented by only 30% of hardware sales in November 2016. NPD has not officially released data on sales but recently a spokesman for Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed PS4 PS4 and Pro have placed 1.1 million consoles in the US in November. Xbox One has sold one million units in North America, however, a positive result for the console of the Redmond, which in recent months has recorded sales growth. On the hardware front, to report the success of the Nintendo 3DS family of consoles (+ 59% compared to the same period last year) and good sales of Nintendo Classic Mini, the NES remake has placed 196,000 units in November in North America.
The following, however, the software of the month ranking November 2016:

The combined sales of the Sun and Moon Pokemon exceeded those of Infinite Warfare Call of Duty, but the two Nintendo titles they can not get to first and second place in the rankings, occupying the third and fourth step of the podium. Sun and Moon have sold 8% more than the launch Pokemon Black and White, marking the biggest launch ever for the series. Compared to October, Titanfall 2 earns four positions, recording sales up slightly in the US.

Once upon a time in August, the month in which everything and everyone went on vacation, including video games. Fortunately, some time is no longer so, either because the most important video game trade show in Europe placed in the area Ferragosto (the Gamescom in Cologne, which will take place from 17 to 21), or for a list of outputs always more abundant. Because there are those who would have come out before it is late and who, instead, choose to regard the play his cards at a less busy time: it is true that at Christmas you sell more, but so is that at year-end to make you the world's competition. Here is the most interesting games in August: take note!

Let's start with Dead Island Retro Revenge, released today, August 1. It is a side-scrolling fighting game in the style of the old arcade games. Content in Dead Island Definitive Collection and already stand-alone available on Steam from June, 4 and 99 Euros, is downloadable now at the same price for PS4 and Xbox One.

Comes out tomorrow, August 2, Abzu, PS4 and PC game developed by Giant Squid, the new team of art director of Flower and Journey, Matt Nava. Incoming review tomorrow.

Also for tomorrow is expected the debut of Batman: The Telltale Series (see here), adventure serials dedicated to Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego with the big voice. The title of the first episode is Realms of Shadow. Out tomorrow for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and later this month for PS3, Xbox 360, iOS and Android. Here again, review coming very soon.

The day after tomorrow, day 3, it was the turn of Mobius Final Fantasy, in new RPG designed specifically for smartphones (iOS and Android) and a graphics "on console level." Info and video here.

Then we jump to 10 August, the release date of the much No Man's Sky. Not an open-world, but an entire open-universe to explore: billions of procedurally generated planets so different from each other. Just to make it a fun game? We'll find out next week. The PS4 version comes out on the 10th, the PC on August 12.

August 15 comes out on PC Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, Japanese RPGs, some time ago to 3DS and PS Vita. Turn-based battles to drive the usually high schooler named unlikely, Wave Archus, struggling with a demonic invasion. #maiunagioia, these Japanese students.

August 16 is the turn of the platform Grow Up Ubisoft, following Grow Home announced at E3. A new adventure for red robot B.U.D. (Botanical Utility Droid), on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

16 is also the day in 2064: Read Only Memories, revised version, to PS4 and PS Vita, a PC game last year, Read Only Memories. Cyberpunk adventure with a retro style, inspired by old adventure computer games like Snatcher Hideo Kojima.

On August 19, the green light for F1 2016, the new official game of the World Formula 1, from Codemasters and out on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Among the main innovations, the presence of the safety car, the Baku-circuit and a long career 10 seasons mode.

August 23 is the turn of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, sequel to the 2011 game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Adam Jensen is back in action, with new cybernetic implants, on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

For lovers of American oval ball, ie all those who are interested in football all year, not just for the trailers of the new super-hero movies that send during the Super Bowl, August 23 also comes Madden NFL 17 , annual update of the popular EA Sports series. Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.

23 is also the Worms W.M.D day, new chapter in a popular series of games developed by the historian Team 17 and arrived to put out 21 candles. deformable scenery, explosions and many weapons, ie the classic ingredients of the saga, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

24 it's off to the world Valley, adventure for PS4, Xbox One and PC in which you will explore the valley of the title in the Rocky Mountains in search of an ancient relic. At your disposal there will be an exoskeleton called LEAF, which will help you quickly cover large distances ... and to manipulate the lives of creatures and objects.

August 26, will race on PS4 and Xbox One version of the wait Assetto Corsa consoles, computer game developed by Italy's Kunos Simulations.


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